2. Drift

Headphones 4323746637 2 Drift 37438             The ramp lowered, squeaking like a child on its damaged hinges until the metal door collapsed on the pebbled dock. The thud resounded and everything outside was silent except for the crinkle of water she heard on the shore.              She was pushed out from the decrepit shuttle and … Continue reading 2. Drift


Blue’s in Japan 13. Getting Things in Order

Hello, this is Blue Atalaya, and I’m in Japan y’all. September 6th, 2018 After contacting back home, I’ve found out my stupid, American phone is useless. I have to order an unlocked phone in Japan. The amount of money I’m spending makes me anxious. I still have a decent cushion, and reserves in my American … Continue reading Blue’s in Japan 13. Getting Things in Order